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Build Your Child’s Reading Skills with Kids Story Books in Bronx, NY

Literacy is one of the most powerful skills that someone can learn. Picturebook Literacy is committed to helping children build a solid foundation that encourages lifelong learning. Give your son or daughter a head start with kids story books in Bronx, NY. Author Paulet Facey creates texts that young readers will enjoy.

Reading isn’t just fun--it is also a foundational skill. Child literacy cultivates an understanding of language which, in turn, informs how individuals make sense of the world. By allowing your child to engage with stories, the written word, and language at an early age, you will are giving them the keys to lasting success. Discover the advantages of reading below.

Reading Comprehension: Learn to Read and Learn to Live

As Paulet says, “Literacy is light.” Indeed, the ability to read and understand language is a fundamental tool in living in society. There are many benefits to cultivating a child’s ability to read--and picture books successfully bridge the gap between imagery and reading comprehension skills. Learning to read at an early age can:

Build Cognitive Skills: The ability to think, make connections, and interpret meaning is the key to building strong communication skills, which are used in daily life. Picture books make strong relations between the written word and the illustrations that accompany them. When a child reads a story and sees the related pictures, they make connections and learn to associate language with ideas and imagery.

Expand Vocabulary: Knowing the meaning and use of a wide array of words empowers children to convey their thoughts and feelings in both broad and nuanced ways. A wider vocabulary is a great way to instill socialization, and it can also build confidence in the speaker. They also encourage readers to interact with harder texts and gain a better understanding of the world.

Cultivate Relationships: Spend quality time with your son and daughter and watch them grow! Kids story books are great opportunities to sit with your child and watch them learn. Reading with your child improves familial bonds and also builds their confidence. The story books that Paulet creates are specially written to encourage play.

Are you ready to set your children on a lifelong journey of discovery? Explore the collection of Picturebook Literacy. The works of Paulet Facey feature a wide array of subjects and incorporate a variety of characters, giving children plenty of materials to learn and enjoy.

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